Action Script 3.0 Programming Language


This book entitled "Learning ActionScript 3.0 A Beginner’s Guide" was very helpful in breaking the ice with ActionScripting. It had very clear explanations about the basic constructs of the language along with the Display List, Events, and Methods. Also covered was the Timeine Control, Classes, and Motion. A whole chapter was dedicated to OOP which stands for Object Oriented Programming. Text, Sound, Video and XML was coverd as well! I really felt like I had control over the language after reading this.


Since I was new to Flash I got this book entitled "Beginning Game Programming with Flash". I really enjoyed learning about Adobe’s CS3 environment along with the small game examples that came complete with the source code. MovieClips and collision detection were discussed as well as the Libray, Stage, and Frames. I learned to make buttons and use the built in functions that came along with Flash. A little bit of math and physics were briefly covered as well. This book was very enjoyable. I felt like a kid in a candy store but it was over in a Flash!


After reading the two previous books, I got this book entitled "ActionScript 3.0 Bible". It is always nice to have a really complete reference incase you run into any bumps along the way. This book serves that purpose well! As a developer, it is more important to be able to use and apply information rather than cramming a bunch of facts into your head. So when needed, I tote this heavy book around and use it to solve problems.

Freq Graph Lotto Frequency Grapher which uses for loops to draw the colored squares for the frequencies.
down code sample here

Flash_Books Read all these books to help me write code in ActionScript 3.0.

Flash_Books Working on Flash side scrolling Seal Game. I got the scrolling logic done!