Robert Mraovich
Culver City, CA 90232

Career Objective
My career objective is to work as web developer, programmer, or software engineer. Also, I would like to continue learning and developing with the latest trends and facets of computer technology related to coding and development.

Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Bachelors of Science Degree - Computer Science December 2005
G.P.A - 3.5 in Computer Science Cores.
Dean’s List – Spring 2004

Computer Courses Taken
Programming I, Programming II, Data Structures, Assembler Language, Systems Programming, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Structure of Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Compiler Theory & Design, Object Oriented Programming for Business, and Data Communications & Computer Networks.

Technical Skills
• Knowledge and use of Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Professional
• Windows XP, Windows Vista, DOS, Unix & Linux Operating Systems
• Windows GDI (Graphics Device Interface) Programming
• Adobe Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3.0 Language, Adobe Photoshop CS
• Java Programming with the Java SDK
• IBM PC Assembler
• C and C++ Programming Languages & Compilers
• HTML 4.0, JavaScript, CSS – Cascading Style Sheets
• SQL, MySQL, Apache Tomcat and SQL Server
• Microsoft Axapta X++ Object Oriented Language
• Unix Scripting and use of system commands
• Anim8tor for 3D Computer modeling
• DirectX 9.0 Game Programming API
• Bison & YACC (Yet another compiler’s compiler)
• LEX - Lexical Analyzer, FLEX – Fast Scanner generator
• General Database theory
• Jess Rule Based Programming
• Dark Basic
• PHP scripting

Work Experience
Web Game Developer / Game Programmer at RGMGAMES February 2012 - Present
• Using HTML 5 to explore and develop games for kids
• Canvas tag, Audio tag, JavaScript, jQuery for dragging game objects, and CSS
• Crop images with Photoshop, JavaScript for collisions of objects.
• Researched game development technologies and used Javascript sound library to play sound effects.
• Programmed game loop and logic, did artificial intelligence and game art.

Web Engineer at California Science Center July 2011 - Jan 2012
• Apache Web Server, MySQL 5, Linux, PHP
• Drupal 6
• PHP 5 Scripting / Web Apps
• FreeBSD 7.0, CentOS, Ubuntu
• Unix / Linux Commans and backup scripting with cron.

Web Developer at BHGLAAR Nov. 2008 - Present
• Researched latest web development technologies to use for this site
• Used HTML 4.0, Joomla!, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, and PayPal
• Set styles in HTML documents with CSS – Cascading Style Sheets
• Linked pages and arranged site layout by positioning images and content
• Tested all links to ensure they worked for E-News and Education Corner blasts.

Action Script 3.0 Programmer for BUMPIX Dec. 2008 – Feb. 2009
• Followed document requirements for startup Bumpix Board Game to program game in Flash
• Coded game from scratch in ActionScript 3.0 Language
• Programmed keyboard input logic so players can move around the game board and bump each other
• Used Array and FIFO queue to store and process player moves
• Programmed bumping logic that trigger chain reactions of players getting bumped around the board
• Programmed logic for sponsor icons so players can win prizes and points

Application Developer for Marfred Industries June 2007 – Nov. 2008
• Programmed UPS shipping and PayPal modules in X++ which used XML communications
• Wrote a string parser in X++ to parse through server responses and extract important data
• Worked with tables and SQL code for this packaging business
• Worked in the MIS Dept. and helped troubleshoot and fix other employees computer problems
• Offered phone support and configured BlackBerry Phones for salesmen

Software Engineer Master Computer Feb 2006 – July 2006
• Assisted in development of Touch Screen Software using Windows GDI Programming
• Programmed buttons and menus using Visual C++ and used Win32 Library to speed up development
• Used bitmaps and jpegs and wave files for graphics and sound
• Implemented timers to control frame rates, screen transitions and animations

Chess, Playing Piano, Mountain Biking, RC Cars, Volleyball, Basketball, Video Games, Programming, Mathematics, Rollerblading, Ice Skating.

References Available upon request