Hello and welcome to my Projects section. Here I will show and discuss some of the projects I have worked on in the past as well as what I am currently working on. This section is still under construction...


I am now making developing the "Harp Seal Game" with Android using Java, Android SDK, and Eclipse. I am very excited about mobile app development especially when it comes to using Java and Flash!

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I highly recommend this book Flash Mobile to assist with mobile development using Flash! Also I been using DVD video tutorials to help me with Android Development using Java!

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I would like to spend more time with iphone development but am to busy with Android Development to do so at the moment...


This project was a board game written in Adobe Flash ActionScript 3.0. The game used some data structures such as an array and queue. The game allowed you to "Bump" other players and win prizes by advancing around the board. This was an excellent project to learn how to effectively use ActionScript 3.0 for game–programming! I learned how to use the Stage, Frames, Classes, and control MovieClips and objects with code. Also I learned how to incorporate sound–effects and do collision detection. The two books I used for development were "Learning ActionScript 3.0" by Rich Shupe and Zevan Rosser and "Beginning Flash Game Programming" by Suri, Hamsa. I highly recommend these two books if you are trying to learn or develop with ActionScript 3.0! I never had any issues in getting anything to work in this whole project!


This project was an ecommerce website project that involved using JavaScript to set up a clickable art gallery complete with an "Add to Cart" button with PayPal functionality. I learned a lot about HTML and JavaScript along with using PayPal API. Also I learned how to position images and content by resizing images with photoshop and changing font styles with CSS.

Paddle Game

This project was from a Game Programming Book entitled "Beginning Game Programming" by Jonathan Harbour and the exercise was to code the bricks for this "Break Out" type game. The code was written using Visual C++ 6.0 Professional and used the DirectX library by Microsoft®. It’s important to have good compiler and programming skills, especially if you want to "Break" into the Game Industry!


This project was from the book"Beginning Game Programming". It was showing me how to load .x files for DirectX. After taking a crash course on a 3D modeling program called "Anim8tor", I modeled this low polygon count red sports car and loaded it in. It reminds me of the Atari Game HARD DRIVIN'. The tools that came with the book actually made everything quite easy. Thank goodness for me as i’m a programmer not a modeler. But it is good to expand your horizons and I am getting more excited about developing my modeling skills as well! Look out George Lucas! LOL!