Note: This page requires JavaScript. This is also a work in progress and is subject to updates and changes...

This section on JavaScript is here to demonstrate the full capabilities of JavaScript and to show my mastery of this scripting language.   JavaScript is a programming language that you can use to add interactivity to your Web pages. The code is written or blended inside your HTML document.

JavaScript can make your Web pages more interactive and provide your site's users with a better, more exciting experience. It allows you to create an active user interface experience, giving them feedback as they navigate your pages. Ajax is another technology that allows web pages to be updated without doing a whole page refresh. I'll be adding an Ajax section later on my site.

Below is an example of using buttons in a form in JavaScript...

Famous Presidential Quotes

JavaScript can also be used to generate a random number to simulate a dice roll... see below:


    Every button press creates a random number to update the die image.

As you can see, this interactive ability of JavaScript allows us to create simple casino games such as Black Jack. Click Here for a nice example by Kevin.

Below is an example of a simple JavaScript rollover, by putting your arrow over the picture causes it to change... With rollovers you can automatically change images, create ad banners, build slideshows, and display random images on a page.

Now lets make an ad banner that rotates 4 images. JavaScript can be used by advertisers to promote their products or events!


Now lets try a select–and–go menu which is fairly simple.

Now lets take a look at using radio buttons to change an image (flip sides on a chess game for example).

Switch Sides

white black

Now lets make an image gallery complete with the left and right arrow buttons.
arrow picture arrow

More to come later, so check back later!!!